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Darkness and Light: October in The Lou

According to the ancient Celts of Ireland when the moon rises on Samhain (sow-en), to most of the world today Halloween, the doors between the worlds – this world and the Otherworld – swing wide open. The dead and all … Continue reading

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Gateway to Freedom: Commemorating the Civil War in St. Louis

We are six generations removed from the bloodiest conflict in U.S. history and it’s easy to forget, in the wake of more recent wars and philosophical conflicts, how close we came as a nation to permanent division. The costs in … Continue reading

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Ulysses Grant in St. Louis

St. Louis children grow up with a special fondness for Ulysses S. Grant. Long before they learn that historians credit him with saving the Union in the War Between the States, or the first healing of the South at the … Continue reading

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STL Initiatives in Education and Film

St. Louis’ Urban Museum Collaborative/UMC (http://urbanmuseumcollaborative.org/)* celebrated another milestone Friday with the completion of touch kits (hands-on treasure chests) and curricula to accompany them for use by classroom teachers. These “Touch Trunks” containing artifacts relating to individuals, events and subjects … Continue reading

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St. Louis’ Urban Museum Collaborative(UMC)

The history of any place is as broad as the land and water that cover it and as varied and multi-layered as the humans who have impacted it. History is always personal (being the story of someone or some group) … Continue reading

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Haunting St. Louis I

As autumn wends its way thru October, chill winds from the west and north turn the leaves to gold and flame. The old year, approaching the eleventh of its twelve calendrical months, is dying; going out in a last blaze … Continue reading

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Day Tripping on the Downtown Trolley

On June 28th, 2010 Metro St. Louis launched a Downtown Circulator decked out to resemble a trolley that’s turned out to be the best thing since sliced bread for tourists and home-towners alike. It’s not only cute and convenient (they … Continue reading

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