Walking Colonial Saint Louis

This coming Saturday, June 12th, as part of my new Second Saturdays Program for the general public, I will be conducting a guided tour of Colonial Saint Louis.  I offer a Coach Tour of the Colonial Village that takes five hours (including an hour break for lunch) and covers an area that stretches from Sugar Loaf Mound in the south to Mound Street in the north, extends as far west as The Ville in the north and Lafayette Square in the south, and includes downtown St. Louis – specifically the Arch grounds. So in the two-and-one-half hours that we will walk on Saturday we will be able to explore only a small part but indeed the very heart of Colonial Saint Louis.

The online map created at:http://www.nps.gov/archive/jeff/lewisclark2/circa1804/stlouis/StLouis.htm by Bob Moore, Jr., (resident historian for the National Park Service in St. Louis at the Old Courthouse) provides an incredible view of Colonial St. Louis Circa 1804 when Lewis & Clark arrived to begin their journey of discovery to the Pacific Ocean. This Exploring St. Louis in 1804 site is fascinating.

History continues to reveal itself all of the time and information changes as new books and articles come to print. While the nps.gov map will provide the route that we will follow and help us to identify buildings, their owners and their businesses, most of the history that I will recount is drawn from Charles Peterson’s seminal book on Colonial Saint Louis, Shirley Christian’s excellent history of the Chouteau/Laclede dynasty and volume one of Frederick Hodes comprehensive and detailed history of St. Louis. Therefore it will be pretty up-to-date.

Of all the many eras of St. Louis history, the Colonial Period is my very favorite and much of this blog site will be devoted to it. I offer Second Saturdays Tours every month except January and February (weather permitting) at a reduced rate of $10.00 per person. This is the first time that I am offering what I designed as a private tour, for the general public.

It begins at the south side of the foot of the Arch staircase at 9:30 am and ends at Kiener Plaza or the Bread Co. at 6th & Pine at 12:00 noon. If you are interested in the tour, please give me a call at: 314-368-8818 or email: maureen@stlouiswalkingtours.com so that I have an idea as to how many people to wait for, before beginning the tour.


About stltourguide

I am a walking tour and narrated coach tour guide in St. Louis, Missouri specializing in the history of the area.
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